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Aggressive Criminal Defense at Boston & Poore

If you’ve recently been accused of committing a crime, you now stand at a terrifying precipice. Proceed with anything other than exceptional legal representation and you risk harsh repercussions. Your attorney should fight zealously for your best interests, thereby paving the way to reduced charges, a not guilty verdict, or a case dismissal. Boston & Poore is an ideal resource to turn to at this difficult time.

Types of Criminal Cases Handled at Boston & Poore

The skilled team at Boston & Poore takes on a variety of complex criminal matters. Examples include:

  • Drug crimes, including possession and distribution
  • Trespassing
  • Theft
  • Robbery
  • Assault and battery
  • White collar crimes

The Consequences of Criminal Charges and How Crossville Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help

Whether you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, it is imperative that you seek proactive support from an attorney with a strong track record. If your case does not go your way, you could be forced to pay excessive fines, complete dozens of community service hours, participate in mandatory drug or alcohol education, or even spend time behind bars. You may also face an extensive probationary period.

Unfortunately, the repercussions of a criminal record continue long after you’ve served your sentence. Depending on the nature of your alleged offense, you could find it surprisingly difficult to obtain housing or employment following your criminal ordeal. Your record may also impact your reputation in the community, affecting the way you’re perceived and treated by acquaintances, friends, and even close family members.

Why Work With Boston & Poore?

There’s no need to let the threat of criminal charges destroy your future. Aggressive legal support can make all the difference, so it behooves you to work with the talented attorneys of Boston & & Poore.

When you seek representation from Boston & Poore, you’ll be treated with the utmost in respect. The respected Crossville practice offers a personalized approach to law, in which your every concern is addressed. You’ll leave your consultation feeling fully prepared for the complications you’ll encounter while taking on the criminal justice system.

Look to the Crossville criminal defense attorneys of Boston & Poore for high-quality counsel and representation. It never hurts to have an assertive criminal lawyer on your side.

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