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Serving the Tennessee Counties of Cumberland, White, Putnam, Roane, and Fentress, Boston & Poore offers experienced legal counsel. Practicing since 2002, we offer the combined skills and abilities to get the best results on your case.

Boston & Poore mostly helps those accused of crimes, but also focuses strongly on government and real estate cases. We take cases we believe in, where we believe we can significantly help our clients. Our clients are the reason we practice, and our goal is to find those whose problems we can solve.

Committed to Individual Rights

At Boston & Poore, we believe that it is our duty to help those we can who are fighting against the government. When you are the subject of a government action, you can feel like the odds are overwhelmingly against you. The government can seem to have unlimited resources, when those resources are focused against you.

There are special rules when dealing with government opposition. These include statutes dealing with time limits, and limits on how and if government entities can be sued. We are familiar with government issues at Boston & Poore, and understand the process we need to follow in order to have a successful claim.

Protecting Civil Rights

Civil rights are the most important rights in a free nation. Any time an individual is the victim of discrimination or police brutality, or any other such issue, the contract is broken between the State and the individual.

Our job at Boston & Poore is to restore that contract by bringing balance back. We support you, as we support the system and the need for fairness.

Get the Experienced Help you need

At Boston & Poore, we understand that you can feel overwhelmed when facing an entity that seems to have all the power. We bring our own experience and skills to fight for your rights.

If you want seasoned help in your fight, call Crossville Government Attorneys Boston & Poore. We can do an evaluation to see if we are a good fit to help you in your struggle. When you hire Boston & Poore, you get someone who will fight just as hard as you for what you need.

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