Crossville Real Estate Attorneys

Boston & Poore offers attorneys who are experienced. Since 2002, we have been successfully helping clients with a variety of legal needs.

While the firm focuses mostly on criminal defense, we also spend a significant amount of time on other fields of practice, especially government and real estate. Serving the areas of Cumberland, White, Putnam, Roane, and Fentress Counties, we offer excellent personal service with the combined skills.

Property issues are important

Buying or leasing a home or business space is one of the most important transactions you will ever engage in. If you are the typical person, you will tie up more of your money and assets in real estate than anything else.

Most of the time, nothing goes wrong and real estate matters are treated as routine.  Many real estate transactions do not require the assistance of an attorney, so people trust that everything will be fine. They think they are saving money and time by foregoing legal advice in the beginning.

Why hire a Real Estate Attorney?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can go wrong.  If there is an error or disagreement in your contract , you will wish you had used an attorney in the first place.  The standard forms used by real estate brokers don’t cover many special circumstances.

When there are situations or details that aren’t covered in the contract, you could be liable for the mistakes. You could simply lose money or another property right, and you could even lose your rights to your property entirely.

Attorneys can help at every stage of the process

At Boston & Poore, we understand the multitude of things that can go wrong. If we accept you as clients, we will remain committed to ensuring that things are done right the first time.

If you are engaging in a real estate transaction and you want to make sure your rights are protected, you can call our office to see if we are available to help. When you engage Crossville Real Estate Attorneys Boston & Poore, you know you are getting experience you can count on.

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